Frequently Asked Questions


A full charge will last 5 sessions. We recommend charging daily.

An orange LED light will light up next to the charging port of the band. Watch video

Press & hold the ON/OFF button for approximately 4 seconds (for SONU_1.8.22 and later versions).
Alternatively, disconnect the band from the phone’s Bluetooth settings.
If the SONU app is not running (not even in the background), the band will disconnect from the phone and power off automatically in 15 minutes or less.

We recommend charging your band every night.

Press and hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds. The green light adjacent to the charge port will flash. Watch video

To personalize your treatment therapy, SONU needs facial scanning capabilities which are only available on iPhone X and newer phones.

To customize treatment therapy, the SONU app needs to map an individual’s sinonasal cavities. While the camera must be enabled for the face scan to work, we do not take or store photos of your face.

A green LED light will light up when fully charged and still plugged into the charger (for SONU 1.8.22 and later versions). Earlier versions will show the green light for 1 minute, then turn off so you can check if the light is off on versions prior to SONU_1.8.22.

These are transducers (speakers) that deliver gentle acoustic vibrations. They are made of medical grade silicone.

Positioning the band on the forehead with proper fit is important for treatment efficacy. You should adjust the band to ensure that it does not slip side to side when you turn your head. To avoid discomfort at the contact points, do not overtighten. Generally you should be able to place your index finger between the band fabric and your head easily.

Volume can be increased with the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone.

We recommend a maximum of 80%. Increasing it to 100% will drain the battery quickly and is not recommended for battery life. The volume screen in the SONU app will pop up if the volume is outside of the recommended therapeutic range.


Ensure it is fully charged; use the provided USB-C charging cable. Unplug the cable and ensure you press and HOLD the button underneath the band fabric (see instructions) firmly until you see the flashing green light.

This is a settings feature in your iPhone. In your iPhone ‘settings’ go to the SONU app and turn on ‘Face ID.’

In your phone’s ‘settings’ go to Bluetooth and ensure your SONU band is discovered and try to connect it from here. Watch video

Ensure band is charged to at least 80%. Press and hold the button for 30 seconds. You should hear a beep after 30sec, release the button and the device should go into pairing mode automatically.


Currently SONU is compatible with iPhone X and newer models.

SONU session automatically finishes after 15 minutes; there is no concern of falling asleep while wearing SONU.

We recommend using SONU 2 times each day for the full 15 minute session. As time progresses, you may choose to wear it more or less, depending on your symptoms.

We recommend using SONU for the full 15 minute session. Individual time to relief will vary.

Yes, as long as the activity does not involve any other app that requires audio. Normal movement will not interfere with SONU treatment.


You will hear melodic musical tones from the band and may feel gentle vibrations.

Follow the instructions in the SONU app or pair the band using the Bluetooth Settings in your phone.

Yes, a new facial scan will be required every time you change a user.

SONU is indicated for patients 22 years and older.

Cost/Return/Exchange Information

Please refer to the Website Warranty and Return Policy.

FREE (non-expedited).


No, insurance does not cover SONU, but it is FSA & HSA eligible.

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