Get drug-free, spray-free, personalized relief from nasal congestion. Get SONU.

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Symptom relief – beginning in minutes

No need to change your activities. Enjoy SONU just twice a day: while brushing your teeth, drinking your morning coffee, or even winding down in the evening.

Personalized therapy, tailored to your unique anatomy

Using our proprietary AI technology, the SONU app scans your face, creates a digital map of your sinuses, and calculates their resonant frequencies.

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None of the side effects of pills, sprays, and steroids

Finding relief with our band doesn’t just mean sparing you the hassle that comes with traditional medications – it means sparing you their side effects, too.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say

Hear about SONU firsthand: real testimonials, from real customers.

The Science

Here’s how SONU works

The SONU band uses resonant sound waves to cause subtle vasoconstriction, which has been shown to relieve nasal congestion by reducing inflammation, increasing mucociliary clearance, and opening up the nasal airways.

Doctor Testimonials

Trusted by leading experts

Our technology is supported by numerous clinical studies and backed by expert physicians.

*Dr. Johnson was a principal investigator for our study

Getting STarted

Get Started with SONU

  • Scan your face
  • Wear the band
  • Turn on the resonance

Congestion relief is just minutes away. To get started, simply scan your face with the app, turn on the band, and begin your first session.

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