Breathe Free with SONU

The world’s first AI enabled acoustic resonance therapy designed to treat nasal congestion resulting from allergic and non-allergic rhinitis*

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* SONU is an investigational device and has not been approved by the FDA for commercial use



Acoustic Resonance Therapy

SoundHealth is developing an AI enabled patented drug free medical device and platform that uses acoustic vibrational energy to provide personalized relief for nasal congestion. The SoundHealth product and platform is subject to on going clinical testing.

Acoustic vibration associated with humming has been shown to decrease symptoms of nasal congestion, possibly through modulation of autonomic inputs to the nasal mucosa or through nitric oxide activity, which may in turn exert a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal passages.(1–4)*

Yogic breathing exercises that incorporate humming have been practiced for centuries and have recently been demonstrated to reduce symptoms of chronic sinusitis including nasal congestion.(5)*

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